Pricelist 2020

16 years and older: 1500 kr. (Disabled and the elderly:  1.300 kr)

Free for younger than 16 years
Electricity:  1.000 kr

Included in the rates is access to showers, outdoor barbeques, service houses and fishing in the lake.
The rates are valid if paid in the entrance to the area.

Younger than 18 year old need to be travelling with an adult.

Campsite is open to the end of september

The scout center at Úlfljótsvatn operate a great camp site for the public. It is designed so that it is possible have a large scout groups camping so it can easily welcome large groups and welcome individuals in tents or campers. The facilities are excellent. The camp site is a family camp site and there are many activities for children. Since it is a family camp site being drunk is not acceptable.

The facilities are excellent. Large flat areas by the lake with electricity. Fishing is included in the rates so guests can fish a trout for the barbeque and the children can in the meantime rent a boat (on weekends) or play in the many playgrounds in the area. There are barbeques and benches around the area. The service center is also a small retail store as well as an information center. Guests can also use the indoor facilities with cooking facilities.

Toilet facilities are also excellent. The service house has 8 showers and is open for guests at the camp site. There are many toilets around the area with hot and cold running water and space to do the dishes. It is therefor easy for the family to keep everything and everyone clean and tidy.

A great program is offered during weekends during the summer.

Have a look at the facebook page for Úlfljótsvatn to see the program and you can also see an event calendar on the website for Úlfljótsvatn.

Or follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ulfljotsvatn/